The Power of Personalization

Experience the next level of 1:1 personalization in e-commerce!

Reach EVERY of your customers - automated and individually at exactly the right moment along the customer journey. With personalized parcel inserts or direct mails.

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The entire customer journey under control.

adnymics bridges the gap between online and offline. This way you accompany your customers through the whole customer journey, reaching them with 100% relevant content. The result: improved awareness and higher conversion rates!


Personalized Parcel Inserts

The parcel has arrived! The perfect moment to reconnect the customer with you and your products. The adnymics parcel insert is individual for each customer, inspiring their next purchase.

Automated Direct Mails

Haven't heard from your customer in a while? Then it's high time to generate a touchpoint again! With the 1:1 personalized direct mails you meet their needs automated at the right time - reactivation, for a second purchase incentive or any other occasion…

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What adnymics is all about

Focus on print

Print generates higher-value shopping carts, more awareness, and significantly more touchpoints than online campaigns. It allows you to reach target groups that you can't reach via social media & co. and offer your customers a real tangible experience in the digital age! 100% GDPR compliant.

1:1 Personalization

Individual for every single customer - 1:1 personalization lets you become truly relevant for your customer and makes you stand out from the crowd. This is how you convert first-time buyers into second-time buyers and to existing customers.

Artificial intelligence

It's magic! Well, not quite: AI makes it possible. Use your customer data automated for a targeted approach that differs according to person attributes and customer lifecycle phase. In this way, you increase customer lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs.

From consumers
point of view

Tea C.
Review on Trustpilot for fashionette
Service at it’s best!

Not only that product description 1:1 true, processing and shipping were also very fast and reliable! Also, the service performance is really remarkable - solely the personalized card as well as the packaging of the goods speak for a super customer service! This is what the perfect user experience looks like in my opinion!
Maximilian M.
Review on TrustedShops for Sonnentor
Even if only a small thing is bought ...
Such a loving and personal packaging you see very, very rarely.
Please keep this individual touch!
Volker H.
Bewertung auf TrustedShops zu Don Carne
Fast delivery (2 days), super packaging and cooling and especially fantastic quality of the 4 different products. I (and my guests) were particularly impressed by the personalized product info with explanation and preparation recommendations for the delivered meats.
Jaqueline B.
auf TrustedShops zu Sonnentor
Fast delivery, everything totally cute and appealing packaged 🙂 with personalized booklet - have been very happy!

This is how we work together

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You provide the data - no matter if raw data or existing CRM system.

Prozess Schritt 2

We deliver and implement the software and, if necessary, hardware for you.

Prozess Schritt 3 klein

Printing, off to the customer - and be amazed!

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