Personalized Parcel Inserts - seize the perfect moment!

Shaping the customer journey proactively: personalized parcel inserts reach your customers at the perfect moment after purchase.
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Each parcel insert is unique.
THAT is personalization.

There is no feeling quite like finally unwrapping the awaited parcel! With the right technology and good ideas, you seize the moment for your business.

100% personalized! Each insert is specifically designed for its recipient and therefore completely unique.

Up to 10 x cheaper than customer acquisition. The personalized content meets individual customer needs & increases the conversion rate.

Converts guest buyers into existing customers - Personalized parcel inserts increase customer loyalty & trust.

GDPR compliant - no additional double opt-in necessary.

Offers customers a real haptic experience in the digital age, attracts attention and reaches all age groups.

Automated, on demand and just-in-time in your logistics or fullfillment center.

On the example of Marc O'Polo




53, loyal returning customer


32, modern young woman


45, fashionable husband

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Why personalized parcel inserts push your e-commerce.

Get to know customers better and better with the help of AI along the customer journey and provide personalized content on a targeted basis. A real win-win! For your company, you increase customer lifetime value through cross-selling, individual coupon codes and geo-targeting. And your customer gets a unique buying experience - that’s how e-commerce works nowadays!

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Not your average
advertising flyers! Personalization
is more than segmentation.


Demographic data

Segment customers by age, gender or region? We can do that as well. But it only gets really exciting in combination with their actual behavior and the current context!


Smart Data

Here’s where AI comes into play. We use your demographic data really smart! The content of the insert differs depending on customer characteristics and phase in the customer lifecycle. For example, a regular, male customer would receive different incentives and product recommendations than a female new customer. Additionally, content can be customized based on the products they ordered, including recommendations for their next purchase...


Plug & Play

We work with your "raw data" from your shop/ERP system and plug into your warehouse management system. Our interfaces are universal and can be connected to almost any system with customer data. Alternatively, we connect to your CRM quickly and easily. This works with all popular CRM platforms, such as Emarsys or Salesforce, as well as store systems like Magento or Shopify. This way you can use your existing data structure and the valuable information about customer behavior in the best possible way and suitable for the customer lifecycle phase!

How the adnymics
solution works

Here you find out everything you need to know about the process with adnymics.

Direct Mail Step 1

adnymics analyzes the
buying behavior

Our AI-powered software analyzes customer behavior together with order data and triggers at just the right phase of the customer lifecycle.

Performance monitoring of your insert campaigns

On the adnymics platform you have a real-time overview of all KPIs related to your parcel insert campaigns, allowing you to react and adapt where necessary.

The software creates the personalized parcel insert

The customer orders, check! Based on the analyzed data and the lifecycle, a unique parcel insert is created with personal offers, editorial content and individual coupons. Using geo-targeting, you can also show your customer their nearest store or events in their area.

Despite all this automation, you remain the boss!

Decide flexibly whether you want to use fully automated and individual product offers or, for example place top sellers among all recipients. Our modular system gives you a great deal of freedom in designing the parcel inserts. The choice is yours!

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The parcel insert will be printed
directly in your logistics center

The adnymics printer is ready for use at the package table. It prints the four-page DIN A5 parcel insert just-in-time, as soon as the parcel is ready to be packed. The invoice and delivery bill can be printed directly as well.
By the way, we take care of the printing hardware, consumables and maintenance.

What you need to know about the logistics

adnymics is integrated directly into your logistics process. Sounds complicated? It's not - and it's been tried and tested hundreds of times. Our claim: the printing of the parcel inserts must be faster than a parcel can be packed!

Software/Hardware integration: We supply you with the printer and consumables. We supply you with the printing machine and consumables.


Roll-out: An adnymics employee takes care of the installation on site (incl. network connection). An adnymics employee takes care of the installation on site (incl. network connection).


Go-Live: The adnymics team ensures a smooth process in real time. The adnymics team ensures a smooth process in real time.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The costs are composed of:

  • Onboarding (one-time, depending on the number of packing stations)
  • Subscription: monatlich, für die adnymics-Marketing-Automation und Add-Ons sowie die zur Verfügung gestellten Drucksysteme inkl. Verbrauchsmaterialien und Support)
  • Per insert (costs depend on contingent size)

You can calculate the exact costs for your individual set-up here.  

We work with the "raw data" from your shop/ERP system, only need a product data feed and connect to your warehouse management system. There is no need for CRM systems or recommendation engines. Our interfaces are universal and can be connected to almost any system with customer data.

Currently we offer our solution from a volume of 180,000 parcels/year.
Using control groups, we ensure that the true incremental uplift is measured compared to parcels with non-personalized inserts. This approach means that no coupon codes are required for measurement.

We only offer sustainably produced paper. You can choose between our Ecolable and FSC-certified standard paper and our 100% recycled paper.
By using parcel inserts you also reduce several tons of paper per year by integrating or replacing:

  • Invoices
  • Delivery bills
  • Returns information (e.g. via QR code with individual returns URL)
  • previous parcel advertising materials (catalogs or fyler)

The greatest effect is felt by our customers through the elimination of misprints - print products in stock that have to be disposed of because campaigns have expired.