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ORSAY, founded in 1975 and based in Willstätt, Baden-Württemberg, is a retailer specializing in the fashion demands of young women. The retailer operates more than 670 stores in over 30 countries and focuses in particular on expanding online sales as part of its growth strategy: The online store and a corresponding app enable customers in Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia to have an individualized customer journey.

Personalized Parcel Inserts

Strong double digit conversion rate

Die individuellen Incentives auf der Paketbeilage haben eine Einlösungsquote im zweistelligen Prozentbereich.

Significant increased repurchase rate

Compared to the customer group that did not receive a parcel insert, the repurchase rate among recipients increased significantly.

Low single digit cost-turnover ratio

In a very short time, the investments in the adnymics solution could be recouped through the success of the measure.

Significant increasement of the purchase frequency


Omnichannel solutions are becoming increasingly important in the fast-moving fashion business. In order to convert buyers - offline and online - into returning customers, it is essential to encourage them to buy again at as many touchpoints as possible with targeted messages. For this reason, ORSAY has been focusing on expanding its online channels as part of its sales strategy for a while now and has been laying the foundation for increased customer loyalty with customized content and loyalty programs.

Why adnymics?

The decision to use personalized parcel inserts from adnymics is a logical consequence of the measures implemented primarily online to date to increase customer loyalty with personalized content. adnymics enables ORSAY to ideally extend its online sales strategy into the offline world: starting with a personal address, individualized product recommendations and appealing content, ORSAY responds to customers' individual needs and offers a seamless shopping experience right through to the shipping package.

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Experience it for yourself: the good feeling of holding samples of our personalized parcel inserts and direct mails in your hands!

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