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HSE is a leading provider for live commerce in Europe. Whether via one of the TV channels, the online store, the award-winning app or via social networks - customers decide when and where they are shopping at HSE. HSE stands for the most entertaining form of shopping and inspires 1.8 million active customers who appreciate the curated product range from the areas of fashion, jewelry, beauty, wellness, household and home & living. The company reaches around 46 million households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via its three TV channels (HSE, HSE Extra and HSE Trend).

Personalized Direct Mails
at HSE

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strongest CRR

The Cost-Revenue Ratio reached a peak performance of 2%. In the median, a CRR of 6% has been achieved in the last two years.

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higher shopping carts

The AOV (average order value) of customers who received a print mailing is up to 38% higher, than for the control group (customers without mailings). 


Segments weekly

In a weekly rhythm, personalized direct mailings are sent out for the segments birthday, second purchase, reactivation and churn.

The shopping carts of direct mail recipients
are up to 38% higher.




53, shall be reactivated


32, is a new customer


45, it's his birthday


In 2019, the live commerce expert HSE was faced with the challenge of increasing customer loyalty and acquiring more existing customers. Reaching customers via email marketing and newsletter campaigns was not satisfactory at the time and did not show the desired results. In addition, customers without opt-ins and guest orderers could not be reached well.

Why adnymics?

With adnymics Direct Mails, HSE is able to address each customer with a personal Next Best Offer and individual incentive. Based on the analyzed customer data, relevant product recommendations are selected, enabling a personalized retargeting of the individual customer in the mailbox. In this way, HSE can also reach (first-time) buyers and guest orderers personally without an opt-in. In addition, the print medium generates significantly more attention than the e-mail newsletter that was sent out previously.

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