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About tausendkind

Founded in 2010 by two mothers with the idea of building an online store for high-quality baby and children's products that makes the pre-selection, service and buying experience of retail stores professionally available online. Today, tausendkind is a leader in the industry and is supported by renowned investors such as Capnamic Ventures, MGO Digital Ventures and Rheinische Post Mediengruppe.

Personalized Parcel Inserts
at tausendkind

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better conversion rate

Customers receiving an adnymics parcel insert converted to repeat buyers 20% more often than those receiving an unpersonalized insert.

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higher shopping carts

Not only purchases were made ten times more often, but also with 15% higher shopping baskets.

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more product views

Three times more products were viewed during the next online store visit.

adnymics parcel inserts achieved 20x higher
repurchase rate
than standard inserts.


The philosophy of tausendkind is to address customers not only personally, but always in a targeted and individual manner. Therefore, only products that customers are really interested in should be shown in the package inserts. With the aim of using this valuable advertising space more efficiently and achieving high repurchase rates.

Why adnymics?

With the personalized parcel inserts from adnymics, tausendkind is able to create customized and personal parcel inserts and thus achieve a significantly higher customer loyalty. The integration into the business processes could be realized in a very short time.

Want some examples?

Experience it for yourself: the good feeling of holding samples of our personalized parcel inserts and direct mails in your hands!

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