adnymics | Individualized package inserts and print-ads based on the customer journey! |

Make the most of the unboxing moment with individualized package inserts!

adnymics individual inserts
Efficient one-to-one marketing with individualized package inserts

adnymics targeted offers
Targeted product offers based on the surfing and shopping behaviour
adnymics performance monitoring
Performance monitoring
of your insert campaigns
just in time icon
Fully-automated production of inserts in your own logistics center

Adnymics Dashboard-
Real-time Insert-Monitoring!

The Adnymics Dashboard is an online platform developed for Target Packaging customers, which enables you to access key numbers, insert-conversions and a lot more data concerning your package insert campaigns. Furthermore you can create dynamic coupon campaigns or directly alter layouts of your package inserts.

Get to know the Adnymics Dashboard