Direct Mails 2.0 -

Forget everything you've ever known about direct mails. These are different. Delight each and every one of your customers with customized product recommendations, incentives, and information about their nearest store.

AI revolutionizes Programmatic Printing

Entdecke ein neues Zeitalter des One-to-One Marketings und biete deinen Kunden ein echtes haptisches Erlebnis mit unseren hyperpersonalisierten Print-Mailings.

100% personalized! Despite mass mailing - the content is individual for each customer.

Higher shopping cart revenues through relevant product recommendations.

Keep in contact over time: More than one-third of customers order 14 days after shipment, more than half up to five months later.

High return on advertising spend (RoAS): strong ratio of campaign costs to additional revenue generated.

Triple CVR (conversion rate) over customer lifetime.

GDPR compliant - no double opt-in required.

On the example of HSE



53, loyal returning customer


32, modern young woman


45, fashionable businessman

The future is

Mass mailings? That was so yesterday. Today, it's all about knowing customers better and better along the customer journey with the help of AI. This way, you can provide them with fully personalized content on an event-driven basis, at an appropriate time. For example, as a birthday mailing, for shopping cart abandonments, welcoming new customers, reactivation or other unlimited occasions.

Print: absolutely up-to-date

Print mailings offer solid benefits compared to their digital counterparts. For example, undivided attention - even from customers you can't reach via retargeting or e-mails. A real haptic experience, and hey: print mailings cannot be deleted unseen! Quite the opposite - they often remain in the household for several months and ensure long-term brand contact. In short, they bring you more orders and higher-value shopping carts.

Insert name and address?
1:1 personalization is way more.

Thanks to AI, simple segmentation became personalization. And it offers countless ways to get the most out of your customer data. The more data, the better! Whether they are generated by adnymics or originate from your database - almost anything is possible! This way, every customer receives their individual, event-driven mailing - fully automated.

Want a first impression?
Have a look at our case study with HSE

adnymics direct mail
campaigns - this is what’s possible:

Data usage that couldn't be easier

Via an automated data export from your CRM system or by simply sending us your existing customer data in spreadsheet format. 

Fully automated campaigns:

Lege Trigger für Anlässe fest, an denen deine Mailings automatisiert in der jeweilig passenden Sprache versendet werden.

Europe-wide shipping:

You can send your personalized adnymics mailings fully automated within all European countries via Lettershops.

How the adnymics
solution works

Here you find everything you need to know about the process with adnymics. After an initial uncomplicated implementation, the processes run fully automated. No complex IT integration is necessary, we can start directly with your exported CRM data. 

adnymics analyzes the
buying behavior

The AI-supported software from adnymics analyzes your customer's buying behavior and order data. Based on this, a unique direct mail is created for each customer - with individual product recommendations, personal offers and coupons. You can also recommend the nearest store or events in the vicinity - geo-targeting makes it possible.

adnymics generates your
personalized direct mails

And action! The smart adnymics software automatically prepares all personalized direct mails for distribution. Based on occasions defined by you, or depending on your mailing frequency. The layout? You decide on the adnymics platform.

Your mailings are printed and sent
by the lettershop

All set? The data is then automatically transferred to a lettershop that meets all the specific requirements. If required, we take care of address verification and sorting. And then off you go - Europe-wide and at weekly intervals, if you wish. 

Thanks to the adnymics plattform, you have all your campaign KPIs at a glance and can react flexibly at any time.

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Sounds smart? Is smart! Check out the adnymics software live and in color - via online demo!

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Based on location, printing technology, prices and other specific requirements, the most suitable lettershop is automatically selected from our partner network. 

We are also happy to work with your existing lettershop partner.

The easiest way to send us your customer data is in the form of an spreadsheet or via an automatic export from your CRM system, if available.

The lettershop takes over the verification of all recipient addresses and we also send you back the cleared list so that you can update your customer data.