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Galeria Kaufhof – The Cologne-based company represents tradition and the future of European department stores. Founded in 1879, the company offers its customers an inspiring shopping experience nationwide in 96 stores – characterized by quality, service, advice, and innovations. Their product line, which includes hundreds of thousands of individual products, ranges from fashion, shoes, handbags, beauty, to home, sports, and toys. Well-located stores in the inner city along with mobile and online services complement each other to create a comprehensive shopping experience.

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As an omnichannel retailer with a nationwide network of stores and a growing online business at kaufhof.de, Galeria Kaufhof was looking for a package insert solution that combines the digital and brick-and-mortar business and, at the same time, appeals to customers with personalized offerings. Furthermore, it was important for Galeria Kaufhof to find an easy, automated process for producing package inserts in its proprietary logistics centers.

Why Adnymics?

Galeria Kaufhof refers online customers to the online shop offering at kaufhof.de and to the nearest stores using personalized package inserts from Adnymics. In selected online orders, customers are personally addressed with package inserts and, depending on gender and purchasing history, the appropriate products are recommended for the next purchase. In doing so, the omnichannel retailer builds a connection to its brick-and-mortar business and uniquely addresses every customer with 360-degree personalization. Package inserts are automatically produced in Galeria Kaufhof’s shipping logistics.

Our solution

Smart Package Inserts for Galeria Kaufhof
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    Geo-targeting is used to suggest the nearest Kaufhof store incl. address and business hours.

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    A dynamic coupon code, with personalized value for new and existing customers, makes the inserts measurable and they can be redeemed both at kaufhof.de and at any of the 96 stores.

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    Every kaufhof.de customer is personally addressed.

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    Personalized product recommendations are put together that are tailored to kaufhof.de customers’ surfing and purchasing habits.

  • Heike Zamzow

    Project Management, Digital Marketing at Galeria Kaufhof
    We detected a significant increase in the repurchase rate – on average six percent of insert recipients made repeat purchases with us. We are especially happy about the fact that the bridging to the stores works and that online customers are encouraged to shop at one of our 96 nationwide department stores thanks to the package inserts.

Video: Smart Package Inserts in action at Galeria Kaufhof

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