2,5x better CRR than
email marketing.

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About AmbienteDirect

AmbienteDirect was launched back in 1998 as Germany's first online shop for design products. Today, the design pioneer supplies more than 400,000 satisfied customers from all over the world with stylish furniture and home accessories. AmbienteDirect delights its customers with high-quality products, user-friendly multichannel shopping experience and an individual service and advice approach. Seeking for new ways to address their customers individually, AmbienteDirect chose the Adnymics solution in 2015.

Personalized Parcel Inserts
at AmbienteDIrect

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better cost-turnover ratio than email marketing

The cost-turnover ratio of the parcel inserts was up to 2.5x higher than other comparable advertising measures such as e-mail marketing

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as many page views

Customers who came back to the online store because of the PURL's in the insert viewed an average of 2x more pages than the AmbienteDirect average.

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PURL calls

The personalized URL (PURL) was taken from the insert and typed back into the browser by 6% of customers.

6% of parcel insert recipients found their way back to the online shop.


AmbienteDirect had high production costs and a response rate to their product catalog that was too low in return. Thus, AmbienteDirect was open to the new advertising form, which would address the customer in the valuable unboxing moment instead of a catalog. The idea of reaching out to the customer with individual product recommendations and thus increasing the repurchase rate excited the decision-makers.

Why adnymics?

With Adnymics smart parcel insert solution, AmbienteDirect can now provide personalised product recommendations that match each and every customers's sense of style. In addition, using Adnymics, AmbienteDirect was able to easily implement personalised landing pages (PURLs) based on the inserts to measure performance of personal product recommendations and marry the impact of combining online and offline data and media.

Want some examples?

Experience it for yourself: the good feeling of holding samples of our personalized parcel inserts and direct mails in your hands!

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