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Since 2014 our sole focus has been to replace boring and irrelevant parcel inserts with something better: Our goal is to help make every single online shopper experience a great one. We've built a smart parcel insert solution that combines online and offline data to create and deliver personalised and relevant information into parcels
for online retailers.

Michael Mutschler

Working Student Operations

Dominik Romer


Sergey Ragatsky

Software Architect

Manasa SR

Software Developer

Jojo Enriquez

Site Reliability Engineer

Alexandra Kostar

Working Student Marketing

Julian Antretter

Office Manager

Thomas Kulka

Frontend Developer

Julia Skarke

Management Assistance

Tobias Kieltsch


Kim Hermansson

Senior Software Developer

Aik Meier

Working Student Customer Care

Markus Schoesser

Account Executive

Simon Tolksdorf

System Operations Engineer

Jasmin Grüning

Working Student Marketing & Sales

Benjamin Wendt

Senior Customer Care Manager

Asmir Jahic

3rd Level Support

Vanisha Rambhujun

Junior Software Developer

Jonathan Fink

Working Student Customer Care

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