The idea

"Time and time again, I eagerly awaited an ecommerce purchase only to open the box to find it full of junk inserts and irrelevant advertising. As a consumer, it’s created a disappointing and annoying brand experience. As a business person, I couldn’t help but wonder why companies weren’t using this key customer touchpoint to provide useful product information and strengthen their relationship with their buyers. There had to a better way for brands to take advantage of the unboxing moment. That’s when I developed the idea for a truly smart package insert in 2014."

-Dominik Romer, CEO and co-founder of Adnymics.

And the story begins...

Smart package inserts transform the action of opening a cardboard box into a memorable customer experience where relationships and loyalty are established. At Adnymics we realized we could build a system that creates truly personalized product recommendations and customized content for each and every customer. We quickly transformed a concept into a product, and the product became the foundation for our company. A lot has happened since we started Adnymics in 2014.

This is our story!

Series-A financing

13. December 2016

Die Erfinder von Target Packaging und Gründer von Adnymics
Bayern Capital and angels invest to fund company growth and market expansion.

Adnymics is accepted into German Accelerator to enter US market.

27. October 2016

Adnymics als Teilnehmer beim German Accelerator
From Munich to New York. German Accelerator program supports our efforts to bring smart parcel inserts international.

Seven-digit financing round for Adnymics

18. December 2015

Adnymics schließt siebenstellige Finanzierungsrunde ab


Always straight ahead. “Bayern Kapital” and other business angels are eager to support the development of our products and the company itself.

Adnymics honored as most innovative company of 2015!

09. November 2015

The media industry recognizes our progress. We were honored to win the “Druck&Medien Award” (print & media award) for the most innovative company of 2015.

One Team, One Goal, One Vision!

01. October 2015


“Include intelligent ads in every parcel worldwide” – The vision for Adnymics is developed, the goal is clear.

Adnymics Wins Third Place at Prestigious Munich Business Plan Competition

29. July 2015

Our smart package inserts received positive feedback and Adnymics earns third place at the prestigious Munich Business Plan competition.

Internet Start-up of the year 2014

08. January 2015


The E-Commerce trade journal INTERNETHANDEL honored Adnymics as the Internet Start-up of the year 2014.

Adnymics was founded!

02. September 2014


It’s September 2014, and we’re ready to revolutionize the ecommerce world with our smart parcel inserts.