Why should online sellers use smart parcel inserts?

Smart Parcel inserts allow online sellers to address customers and one time buyers with suitable messages. Directly addressing customers in one of the most important Touchpoints of the customer journey, the unboxing, demonstrably increases customer retention and revenue for the shop - an important competitive factor.
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  • The acquisition of new customers is using up a huge portion of the marketing budget
  • Compared to the acquisition of new customers using the parcel to address customers is up to ten times more effective
  • The majority of your customer base are one time buyers and guest orders
  • Personalized messages help convert one time buyers into happy returning customers
  • Regulations like the GDPR make retargeting more difficult
  • Adnymics is a GDPR compliant solution for direct marketing
  • Traditional marketing measures like newsletter advertising have high wastage
  • Adnymics tracks and analyses relevant customer data to effectively address customers with the parcel
  • Static parcels inserts are missing individual needs
  • The solution allows automatic printing of the smart parcel inserts

How the adnymics solution works?

How could a smart parcel insert from adnymics look?

  • The smart parcel insert is individually customized to your CI
  • For the production of the inserts we only use high quality paper
  • The personal oration on the front page is attracting the customers attention
  • Relevant content increases customer retention and highlights the consulting charakter of your shop
  • Whether you choose four, eight or sixteen pages - we adapt the extent and the look of the parcel insert to your individual needs

5 easy steps for higher costumer retention

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      Individual approach:
      Boost the impact of your parcel inserts by addressing the recipient directly.

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      You have a physical store,too? Refer to the nearest store and extend the impact of your parcel inserts to your offline retail business.

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      Flexible Recommendation Management
      Our recommendation engine is fully automated, but will also be finetuned to your preferences – to push bestsellers or clearance items, for example.

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      Dynamic Couponing
      Create dynamic coupon code campaigns based on customer segments, giving each customer just the right incentive to come back.

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      Retargeting & Cross Selling
      Targeted product recommendations and editorial content – tailored to each of your customers.


What our clients say

  • adnymics foodspring lena langhoff intelligente paketbeilagen

    Lena Langhoff

    Head of CRM, foodspring
    With Adnymics’s help, we are able to provide in-depth expertise in every parcel. Customers love the experience, and Adnymics’s Smart Parcel Inserts have significantly improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. What’s more, Adnymics supports customised inserts in a variety of languages, so now we can address customers in every country in their own language, while offering an awesome customer experience.
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    higher AOV
  • ambiente direct adnymics intelligente paketbeilagen christiane detzkeit

    Christiane Detzkeit

    Head of Online Sales,
    We wanted to address customers directly in the parcel with personal product recommendations. Adnymics`Smart Inserts were the most flexible and easiest solution to deploy and delivered significantly better results than our traditional, paper-based product catalogue.
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  • adnymics shoepassion simon kronseder intelligente pakebeilagen

    Simon Kronseder

    Head of Marketing,
    Adnymics has helped us expand our ability to advise our customers, while ensuring a premium quality ecommerce experience all the way through the opening of our parcel. The performance rates speak for themselves. Thanks to the Adnymics process experts, integration of the solution into our dispatch processes was swift and easy.
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    higher AOV