Why customer retention is important?

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges for online sellers these days. Especially in regard to staying competitive in an online market penetrated by giants like Amazon customer retention is a crucial success factor. Only sellers that are able to generate and secure the trust and loyalty of their customers, can survive the price war generated by diverse international competition.

There are a lot of possibilities to convince customers, offering relevant content, appealing cross-selling offers or attractive incentives like coupons or discounts. But, customer retention is up to ten times more effective - and economical - than the acquisition of new customer.
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  • Adnymics Solution

  • Many sales are only guest orders - GDPR is making retargeting much more difficult
  • The smart parcel inserts are 100% GDPR compliant
  • The acquisition of new customers is taking up an enormous share of the marketing budget
  • Customer retention is much cheaper than acquiring new customers
  • Loyal customers buy more frequently and more overall
  • The adnymics solution helps increasing customer trust and has a positive effect on their purchasing power

How can Adnymics help to increase customer retention?

  • Adnymics automatically generates well-fitting marketing messages by analyzing individual customer data to most effectively retarget each customer through the package
  • Instead of boring and unfitting advertising the customer can benefit from attractive cross-selling offers, lucrative incentives or relevant content
  • Due to increasing customer trust, the customer becomes more loyal and develops a higher willingness to purchase

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