About Shoepassion

Since 2010 Shoepassion has been all about hand-made premium leather shoes. The Berlin-based shoe brand is active in seven countries with its own online-shops and also has its own retail stores in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne, as well as in Warsaw and Zurich. In 2016 Shoepassion merged with the long-established German premium shoe brand Dinkelacker.

For Shoepassion,
Adnymics Smart Package Inserts delivered:


higher Average Order Value
Customers, who received an Adnymics parcel insert bought more frequently and their order value was 62 per cent higher than the AOV of Shoepassion customers.


Return On Ad Spend
Return on Ad Spend


shorter repurchase cycle
Customers, who received an Adnymics parcel insert bought faster. They returned 50% faster to the online shop and reordered.


more orders per year
Smart Parcel Inserts generate 6% more orders per year for Shoepassion.


The Shoepassion brand stands for premium quality, excellent customer service, and personalised fashion advice. The company wanted to be sure these core brand values were clearly manifested not only in the company’s products, but through each and every customer touchpoint. Just like the product itself, Shoepassion’s parcels must strongly convey the brand image, personal service, and expertise. Although Shoepassion was already using premium packaging, the brand felt a personal touch was missing from their boxes.

Why Adnymics?

Adnymics’s Smart Inserts helped Shoepassion deliver personalised and relevant recommendations and content at the key moment of the customer’s unboxing experience. The inserts express the brand’s high quality image and fit perfectly into Shoepassion’s overall packaging concept. Shoepassion’s international customers are addressed in their respective language with messages that support the purchased product and the buyer’s personal profile. In addition to brand-building, the inserts lead to an increase in customer loyalty and repeat purchase rates and overall satisfaction ratings.
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    Every single Shoepassion customer is addressed personally.

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    Individual product recommendations are generated matching the interests and shopping journey of every single Shoepassion customer.

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    The referral to the closest store expands the impact of the inserts to theretail business.

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    The performance of the inserts can be tracked precisely and monitored easily.

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    By explaining the company‘s philosophy the premium brand image is perfectly expressed inside the package.


  • Simon Kronseder

    Head of Marketing, shoepassion.com
    Adnymics has helped us expand our ability to advise our customers, while ensuring a premium quality ecommerce experience all the way through the opening of our parcel. The performance rates speak for themselves. Thanks to the Adnymics process experts, integration of the solution into our dispatch processes was swift and easy.