About foodspring

Since 2013, foodspring® stands for fitness and healthy nutrition. The Berlin-based startup prides itself on bringing the highest quality ingredients and taste to every single customer. The foodspring® approach not only incorporates delicious and nutritious meals, it includes personal advice that supports its customers’ ability to achieve fitness goals and healthy lifestyles.

Foodspring’s Smart Parcel Inserts Deliver:


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Prior to Adnymics, Foodspring® used generic parcel inserts. What the company found was that these inserts didn’t align well with their brand promise of providing personal advice to every customer. Under the old generic insert model, all customers received the same message, no matter whether they were trying to add muscle or lose fat. Foodspring searched for a better solution that would support reaching customers around the globe in multiple languages with personalised content, recipes, and product recommendations to improve customer loyalty.

Why Adnymics?

Adnymics’s Smart Inserts provided individualised product recommendations tailored to each customer’s needs as well as relevant content, including recipes and workout techniques. What’s more, Adnymics’s flexible system made it possible to produce inserts in seven languages for shipping to 11 different countries.

Our solution

Smart parcel inserts for foodspring
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    Every single foodspring® customer is addressed personally.

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    Individual product recommendations are generated matching the interests and shopping journey of every single foodspring® customer.

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    Adnymics’ just in time printing of smart inserts integrates seamlessly into foodspring®‘s warehouse processes.

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    Individual content extends the foodspring ® brand into the package. The insert is produced in 7 languages and delivered to 11 countries.

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    The performance of the inserts can be tracked precisely and monitored easily.

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    A 16-page insert offers plenty of space to present additional ideas such as recipes to add value to the customer experience.

  • Lena Langhoff

    Head of CRM foodspring
    With Adnymics’s help, we are able to provide in-depth expertise in every parcel. Customers love the experience, and Adnymics’s Smart Parcel Inserts have significantly improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. What’s more, Adnymics supports customised inserts in a variety of languages, so now we can address customers in every country in their own language, while offering an awesome customer experience.

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