About AmbienteDirect

In 1998 AmbienteDirect was the first online shop in Germany to focus on design products, including furniture, lighting and accessories. Today this design pioneer ships to more than 400,000 satisfied customers all around the world. AmbienteDirect delights users with high-quality products, a comfortable multi-channel shopping experience and personalised advice and service.

AmbienteDirect uses Smart Parcel Inserts to deliver:


Return on Ad Spend


improvement over email marketing


hit rate on personalized URL


more page impressions


AmbienteDirect’s traditional product catalog was expensive to produce and ineffective in delivering new customers. What’s more, a paper-based catalog couldn’t provide the personal service and advice that customers expected from the AmbienteDirect brand.

Why Adnymics?

With Adnymics smart parcel insert solution, AmbienteDirect can now provide personalised product recommendations that match each and every customers's sense of style. In addition, using Adnymics, AmbienteDirect was able to easily implement personalised landing pages (PURLs) based on the inserts to measure performance of personal product recommendations and marry the impact of combining online and offline data and media.

Our solution

Smart parcel inserts for AmbienteDirect
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    Individualised incentive campaigns make the performance easily measureable.

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    Individual product recommendations are generated matching the interests and shopping journey of every single AmbienteDirect customer

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    It can be precisely measured through PURLs how many users return to the online shop.

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    Adnymics’ just in time printing of smart inserts integrates seamlessly into AmbienteDirect‘s warehouse processes.

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    Every single AmbienteDirect customer is addressed personally.

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    Seasonal higlights or accessories are displayed perfectly fitting the purchase.

  • Christine Detzkeit

    Head of Online Sales, AmbienteDirect
    We wanted to address customers directly in the parcel with personal product recommendations. Adnymics`Smart Inserts were the most flexible and easiest solution to deploy and delivered significantly better results than our traditional, paper-based product catalogue.

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