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Personalisation</br> in the parcel

in the parcel

When segments aren't enough.
Address every customer personally with parcel inserts that are customised to the individual.
100% </br>Open Rate

Open Rate

No spam filters, no opt-in, no ad blockers. Ensure your message reaches every customer.
Ultimate</br> Unboxing Experience

Unboxing Experience

Take advantage of the most critical customer touchpoint - the unboxing - to create the ultimate customer experience!


Combine digital data with trustworthy offline media to boost both online and bricks-and-mortar sales.

Frequently asked questions

The costs are composed of: 

  • Onboarding (one-time, depending on the number of packing stations)
  • Subscription (monthly, for the Adnymics marketing automation and add-ons as well as the provided printing systems incl. consumables and support)
  • Per insert (costs depend on the contingent size)

Adnymics supports 1:1 personalization of the following content:

  • personal addressing
  • Individual incentives (e.g. voucher value depending on previous shopping cart value)
  • Individual product recommendations / Next Best Offers
  • Location-based content in the parcel recipient's area (e.g., the next store, local events)
  • Targeted editorial content (e.g. recipes based on the purchased products or descriptions of products in need of explanation to avoid returns)
  • Texts in the language of the parcel recipient as well as prices in the appropriate currency

We work with the "raw data" from your Shop-/ERP-System, a product data feed and the export interface of your warehouse management system. So there is no need for CRM systems or recommendation engines. Our optional online tracking can be integrated via Tag Manager and improves the quality of our product recommendations.

With an identical incentive (e.g. same coupon value) and depending on the usual repurchase rate of your customers, you can expect 3-5x higher conversion rates than with your pre-printed inserts.

By using control groups, we ensure that the true incremental uplift is measured in comparison to parcels with non-personalized inserts. This approach means that no coupon codes are required for measurement.

Our digital full-color printers are installed directly at the packing station and usually replace existing b/w printers. The printing of the insert is automated and on-demand at the start of the packing process. From that moment, your accompanying papers can also be printed via our system. For the employee at the packing station, nothing changes in the process - only one more page is printed. 

If there is no print at the packing station so far or if essential logistic processes are automated, other implementation options are possible.

Our ambition is to offer a minimally invasive logistics process. This means that the printing of the parcel insert must be faster than a parcel can be packed.

From assignment to the printing of the first personalized parcel inserts in your logistics or your logistics partner it usually takes 6 to 12 weeks - depending on the complexity and number of warehouse locations. 

Currently we offer our solution from a quantity of 180,000 parcels/year.

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