Target Packaging for Fulfillment Service Providers - Process



Offer innovative service and produce personalized package inserts: Just-in-time and right at your dispatch line!

The customer browses the online shop. Meanwhile our web analysis and recommendation software analyzes, among other things, his or her surfing patterns, shopping cart actions, purchasing history and product data. Based on this data, it creates matching product recommendations for every customer. When the customer has completed his or her order, the system transforms the recommendations automatically into a personalized, multi-page insert.

As soon as the parcel is packed for your customer, our software starts the printing process for the personalized insert. The printing takes place just-in-time, directly at the packing station of your fulfillment center. The corresponding printing system is provided by us. The warehouse staff puts the insert into the parcel.

After opening the package at home, your online buyer reads his personalized marketing insert and by this is perfectly advised by you! Because of the perfectly matching offers, he or she will be motivated to place another order and this will increase the online retailer‘s turnover! A win-win situation for everybody involved!