Target Packaging for Fulfillment Service Providers - All-in-one System



Target Packaging by Adnymics
is your all-in-one solution, including:

Recommendation Software

Personalizes every package insert according to the customers interests. The online retailer can choose between different parameters for personalisation and profit of existing data to reach his customers at best.


You can choose the preferred insert layout, either DIN A4 or DIN A5. Regardless of whether you would like to include a two-paged flyer or a saddlestiched brochure, your retailer can print it the way he wants it to be!

Maintenance &
Technical Support

By using a controlling software, we will take care that the insert system is working at all times. A permanent contact person will be available for any technical questions and support.

Printing Machine(s) & Consumables

We will provide the printing machine(s) you need. Consumables (paper & toners) will be sent by us in time.

The greatest advantages
of our all-in-one system for your online retailers

Our web analysis and recommendation software analyzes surfing patterns, shopping cart actions, purchasing history and product data. Based on this data, it creates matching product recommendations for every customer, which can be transformed into matketing inserts.
No additional time needed: No matter if you deploy one or more packing stations, we will provide the appropriate printing system und ensure a just-in-time print. Every marketing insert will be produced fully automated right at your fulfillment center. You just have to place it in your parcels!
With our 3-steps-integration you will be able to deploy our system in your shipping logistics and produce innovative inserts for your clients within a very short time!
Consumables will be sent to you automatically and in time. Technical issues will be recognized by our controlling software right away and be fixed by our IT support and a europe-wide technician network!