Smart Package Inserts for Online Retailers - 3-Steps-Integration



Only 3 steps to start off with your own insert system!
This is how our system for Smart Package Inserts is set up:

Connection to
your online shop

Regardless which shop system you use, the recommendation software of Target Packaging is simply integrated into your online shop via a JavaScript snippet. Now it can analyze the surfing patterns and buying behavior of your customers – completely anonymized and in compliance with data protection laws.

Installing the printing machine

We take care of the set up of the printing system at your warehouse or at the warehouse of your fulfillment service provider. The printing of the inserts can take place in one or more printing systems. Ready-to-use integration concepts ensure short paths for your warehouse staff. The system will be optimally integrated into existing logistic processes and thereby won’t require additional time.

Let’s go

As soon as the customer’s package is packed, the corresponding marketing insert will be printed right at the packing station.

The Smart Package Insert Printing System

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    Adnymics® Control System:

    Contains the Target Packaging Recommendation Software, prints a individualized insert for each customer and ensures targeted customer approach.

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    Printing Unit & Processing:

    Prints, folds and bonds your individualized inserts.

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    Paper Tray & Toner:

    Guarantees the optimal supply and perfect operation.


Integration into existing logistics

  • Designed for up to 100 packing stations

  • Integration concepts for all types of commissioning layouts

  • Connection is possible with all common types of logistics software

  • Low operational costs
    because of the integration into existing systems

Technical Highlights

  • Printing options: DIN-formats and special formats, broad selection of grades

  • Processing options: folding, saddle-stich binding, cutting

  • Space requirement: two pallet slots
    (when using the depicted system)

  • Connections: 230 V + Ethernet