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We’re on the hunt – for a kick-ass software developer

You speak AngularJS and JQuery? Additionally IT is your passion?
Then Adnymics is the right place for you if you are willing to support and frame our algorithm of package inserts with your innovative ideas.

Who we are:
Florian has been our CTO from day one. He worked on a lot of software security related stuff: Automated Reporting/Automated Security Testing, Penetration Testing (Software/Hardware Firmware) and Secure Software Development. He has developed our initial prototype and quite some of the overall architecture and the core functionality (Customizable Pdf Generation). He’s responsible for our server local caching mechanism for images and our reporting feature which sends out weekly email reports with the key data in an excel file.

We’re currently a team of three developers who are working on two big projects. All of them have a strong Python and SQL focus. We follow our own version of SCRUM and believe in agile methodology.

Some information on our hardware and tool infrastructure:
Everyone in our tech team is free to use his preferred gear (e.g. macbook) and we’ll additionally provide two monitors and a powerful desktop pc if needed. Everyone can use whatever operating system is preferred since most of our tools are web-based.
We use Jira with the agile add on for issue tracking and project planning. We love Confluence for user stories or architectural documentation. We host our own hosted version of git accessed through ssh. Our coding standards are "enforced" through a "linting" program which must be run before the code is checked in for review. Since we work in an open office space, headphone are provided to help concentrate and switch off the social noise.
Our coding quality:
We use unit tests on the developer machines to test important program workflows. Every piece of code which gets developed starts on its own source control branch, has to have unit test coverage if possible, needs to be linted and goes through a code review process. After that it goes either to a test server or is directly integrated in to the current development source control branch. The development branch of the software is tested for some time on test servers before it goes on the main branch which runs on our production servers. Everything possible gets logged and monitored to allow easier bug searching and fixing. We do not have any dedicated testers.Tests are performed by the person which integrates the feature into the current development branch with the help of the developer.

Some insights on our development cycle:
We talk to our customers for usability feedback and let them explain their processes which interface with our software. Then we walk them through the modified recommended process with our software in use, answer their questions and collect feedback, wishes and requirements. This process is repeated once the new process has been implemented and is in use for some time. Currently we have sprints of four weeks where one or more issues per developer get worked on. At the moment, our marketing department (in charge of the product) collects requirements (customer/internal), describe the mvp user story and puts it in a priority roadmap. In the sprint meeting at the start of a new sprint (every 4 weeks), every developer estimates how much time he/she has available for new development and we assign features according to those time estimates by the developer. The developer can argue against issues (e.g. no experience in this area) or make a new estimate for an issue if he/she feels not confident with the old estimate. During the following 4 weeks every developer works on the assigned issues and only really important time critical tasks can interfere with this work.

What we offer:
We try to offer as much responsibility and autonomy to everyone in our team as possible. Everyone can give feedback and improve our development processes. We love working on our distributed software system with its own challenges and different areas, e.g. the recommender system, the distributed data management, the data science aspect, the user web Interface for B2B, our hardware-software interfaces and monitoring…

What we need:
Developers with at least one year experience in working in web-development (HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JavaScript, JQuery). If you also have knowledge in object-oriented programming with Python that would be awesome. You will be responsible for your own projects in the development cycle and build solutions for operative processes. Speaking German is nice but not necessary.

Sounds like something you are interested in?
Shoot us an e-mail to and meet our team.

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