Our story - This is how Adnymics emerged



How did everything start?

Finally the long-awaited parcel arrives at my doorstep and I am looking forward to unpack the bought products. But before the purchase shows itself, it is neccesary to fight through tons of not-specific and irrelevant advertising flyer. There had to be a better way. That is why founder and CEO Dominik Romer developed the idea for a smart parcel insert in 2014.

And the story begins...

Smart parcel inserts, which transform the unboxing moment through custom-fit product recommnedations and individual content into an experience. An idea became a product, the product became a company. A lot has happened since the foundation of Adnymics and there will be even more what is going to happen. This is our story!

Our vision:


Series-A financing for Adnymics

13th December, 2016

Die Erfinder von Target Packaging und Gründer von AdnymicsTowards the end of the year, we have been suprised with an early Christmas gift for the company development. Through a Series-A financing round we received a mid seven-digit investment

Adnymics is one of winners of the German Accelerator

27th October, 2016

Adnymics als Teilnehmer beim German Accelerator
From Munich to New York. One important step for us to establish our smart parcel inserts overseas and therefore internationally.

Seven-digit financing round for Adnymics

18th December, 2015

Adnymics schließt siebenstellige Finanzierungsrunde ab


Always straight ahead. “Bayern Kapital” and other business angels are eager to support the development of our products and the company itself.

Adnymics becomes most innovative company of the year!

9th November, 2015

Also the media landscape notices Adnymics. We were very proud to accept with thanks the “Druck&Medien Award” for the most innovative company of the year 2015.

One Team, One Goal, One Vision!

1st October, 2015


“Include intelligent ads in every parcel worldwide” – The vision for Adnymics is developed, the goal is clear.

3rd place for Adnymics at the Munich Businessplan competition

29th July, 2015

Our smart parcel inserts are accepted very good among experts. We were very happy to achieve the third place in the Munich Businessplan competition.

Our first trade fair: Internet World 2015

26th March, 2015

Das adnymics Team vor dem Stand auf der Internet World 2015


With the Internet World 2015 we visited our first trade fair as a company. Thankfully, it was not our last one ;-). Already there, we were astonished by the positive feedback of the visitors for our smart parcel inserts.

Internet Start-up of the year 2014

8th January, 2015


The E-Commerce trade jorunal INTERNETHANDEL honored us in their first edition of the year with the award for the Internet Start-up of the year 2014.

Adnymics is born!

2nd September, 2014


It is September 2014 and we are ready. We want to revolutionise the E-Commerce world with our smart parcel inserts.

Our start in September 2014