The Adnymics Dashboard - Real-time Insert-Monitoring



Become a part of your parcel insert campaign with the help of the Adnymics Dashboard

The Adnymics Dashboard is an online platform designed for Target Packaging customers. At any given time you are able to recall KPI’s of your parcel insert campaigns, for instance rebuying rates, increased value of the shopping basket or the number of parcel inserts sent.
The Adnymics Dashboard enables you to:

Performance Monitoring of your parcel inserts in real-time
Dynamic coupons for new or already existing customers
Editing the insert layouts directly online

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Editing of insert layouts,
everything directly in the Adnymics Dashboard!

• In terms of gender
Customer segments
Uploading and altering pages anytime

Dynamic Couponing,
to offer every single recipient the fitting incentive!

Dynamic value of the coupons
Time span of the coupon campaign
Minimum order value
Recipient (New or existing customers)

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